School Rules: 1-3-Year-Old

The following rules are very important.  Please read them through carefully.
We are depending on your friendly co-operation.

School hours
Monday to Friday:   07:00 – 13:30

Aftercare:  13:30 – 17:30

To accommodate working parents, the front gate is open from 07:00. 
No toddler will be accepted before 07:00. 
Arrangements must be made with the toddler section staff if you wish to fetch your toddler early for a doctor’s appointment or therapy.  No childminder or teacher will be allowed to transport a toddler or look after a toddler at their home.  Parents of toddlers who are collected late are responsible for additional aftercare fees at R30.00 per hour (or part thereof).

Arrival and collection of Toddlers
Parents are requested to personally hand their toddler over to the staff at the toddler section.  Toddlers must be personally collected from the concerned staff member.  Please leave immediately in the mornings as soon as your toddler has been handed over to the staff member.  Unhappy toddlers will be handled with love and understanding.  Parents will be contacted if necessary.

Please sign the register in the afternoon when you collect your toddler.  Please ensure that every parent, grandparent or lift club adult has a security gate access tag.  (Security tags are available for sale in the office.)

Parents are requested to please reduce their speed to 5 km/h (walking speed of an adult).  Take care to look out for children who may run out from between cars.  Reckless driving will not be tolerated and a fine of R500.00 will be handed to a reckless driver which will be donated to charity.

No parking on the right-hand side of the service road is allowed as this blocks the flow of traffic and results in parents being delayed and late.  No parking on the yellow line.  Fontainebleau Pre-primary School will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards the parents, the staff, visitors to school or the security guard.

Lift clubs
The staff must be informed timeously in the event of someone other than the parents coming to collect their toddler.  No toddler will be permitted to go home without the prior written consent of the parent.

Daily requirements
Please ensure that you pack in enough clothes for the day, as well as nappies, cream (if already finished in the class) and if you toddler eats anything special e.g. Purity, his/her milk and juice.  Written communication with you will take place daily via a diary.  A hat is required especially during summer.

Parents evenings and meetings
It is in your interest as well as your toddler’s to attend these evenings.

All funds collected go towards maintaining and improving the quality of the educational programme at school.  The attendance at functions by both you and your toddler is very important. Remember: the teacher and parents work together to develop the toddler’s self-image and personal growth.

It is important that the school is always able to contact you.  Change of address or telephone numbers should be brought to the attention of the secretary and class teacher immediately.

A post box is attached to the wall at the entrance of the school for each toddler.
The school’s communication system can be downloaded at  All correspondence will automatically appear on your computer screen or cell phone when you connect to the internet; i.e. newsletters, year programme, themes, photos and news flashes of upcoming events.

The Principal, Mrs Cecile Hattingh is available daily to discuss anything regarding your toddler.  Please phone or make an appointment.

In the entrance hall you will find filing drawers for each class.  Please place all completed forms, notes and letters in these drawers for the class teachers.  Money and cheques should be paid in at the office.

Aftercare centre
This service is available till 17:30 on a daily basis.   Toddlers can be enrolled until 15:30 or 17:30.  No toddler may be collected after 17:30 as all staff leave then.  Incidental aftercare fees are payable at the office (bring along the slip) or via an internet transfer (Reference: Name and Aftercare)

Telephone calls
Telephone calls made to the staff in connection with your toddler are welcome but must be kept to a limit.  Please make use of the school telephone.  Conversations must please be kept short so that supervision is not interrupted.  the teacher will contact you as soon as she has her tea break or when she has finished in class. Please do not phone teachers on their cellphones as it is disruptive to the class. As far as is possible please leave a message with the secretary.

Immunisation, diseases and allergies
Your toddler’s immunizations must be kept up to date according to the Health Clinic’s specifications.  All children must be immunized against polio, diphtheria and tetanus.

Toddlers with a contagious disease must stay at home until fully recovered.  Toddlers who are not feeling well should be kept at home as teachers are not able to look after them during the school programme.  If your child is on antibiotics, please keep him/her at home for the first 3 days.

If your toddler has an allergy, is diabetic or asthmatic, please bring this to the attention of the teacher personally.  Please also keep the teacher informed regarding the toddler’s treatment.  Medication for chronic diseases must be handed into the class teacher on the first school day.  Should your emergency contact number change, please hand your new number in at the office immediately.

First school day
Please obtain a security disc (R60 each) from the office to allow gate entry.

Please take your Toddler personally to his/her class.

List of requirements:  (all items must be marked)

  • Daily diary in the bag (will be supplied)
  • Blanket and toy for toddler’s cot
  • Sterilized bottles, formulas and juice – daily
  • Creams and ointments – daily
  • 2 Sets of extra clothes – daily
  • Dummy on a chain – daily
  • Wet wipes

Daily Programme: 1-2-Year-Old

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Daily Programme: 2-3 Year Old

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Extra murals (2-3-Year-Olds)

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