School Rules: 3-5-Year-Olds

The following rules are very important. Please read them through carefully.
We are depending on your friendly co-operation.

School hours

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To accommodate working parents, the front gate is open from 07:00. Children arriving between 07:00 and 07:30 must be taken to the foyer. Children 2-3 years old must be taken alternatively to the “Eendjie” or Fish classes. No child will be accepted before 07:00.

The day’s activities begin at 08:00 and parents are asked to be on time every day. The children’s attention is easily distracted by continual interruptions when other children arrive late. Children who are not in their classes by 8:00 must be left in the office. They will be taken to class once the first ring is completed.

Breakfast for the babies, toddlers and 2-3-year-old groups is served at 8:00.

Children can be fetched from 12:30 – 13:00.
Special permission may be obtained to collect children earlier in such instances as therapy or a doctor’s appointment. No teachers may arrange lift schemes, play dates or take children home.

Children who are collected late will automatically be charged the appropriate after care fee of R30.00 per hour.

Arrival and collection of children

Parents are requested to personally hand their children over to the class teacher. Please leave promptly after handing your child over to the teacher. Upset children are handled with love and care. Parents will be called if necessary.

Children must be collected from their aftercare teacher in the afternoon. Please do not leave with a child without informing the teacher on duty that you have done so! Please sign the register in the afternoon when you collect your child/ren.

Parents are requested to please reduce their speed to 5 km/h (walking speed of an adult). Take care to look out for children who may run out from between cars. Reckless driving will not be tolerated and a fine of R500.00 will be handed to a reckless driver which will be donated to charity.

No parking on the right-hand side of the service road is allowed as this blocks the flow of traffic and results in parents being delayed and late. No parking on the yellow line. Fontainebleau Pre-primary School will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards parents, the staff, visitors to school or the security guard.

Lift clubs
Parents who make use of lift clubs must please make a list of the parents’ names, the children involved, the groups they are in and on which days they are involved, and hand it to the specific teacher. No child will be permitted to go home without the prior written consent of the parent. Please ensure that every parent, grandparent or lift club adult has a security gate access tag. (Security tags are available for sale in the office.)

A special birthday circle will be organised for each child in their class.  He/she will receive a birthday crown.  Please send a cake/sweets/chips for the whole class to school on this day, as this is a special day for your child.  The cycle track including bicycles may be hired for R650.00 for an additional afternoon party.  The jumping castle or the water slide is available @ R300.00 each. See the attached advertisement in this regard. An afternoon party must start at 13:00 and finish no later than 16:00. The parent can take responsibility for her party guests directly from the class teacher.

Parents evenings and meetings
It is in your interest as well as your child’s to attend these evenings.

All funds collected go towards maintaining and improving the quality of the educational programme at school. The attendance at functions by both you and your child is very important. Remember: the teacher and parents work together to develop the child’s self-image and personal growth.

It is important that the school is always able to contact you. Change of address or telephone numbers should be brought to the attention of the secretary and class teacher immediately.

A post box is attached to the wall at the entrance of the school for each child.
The school’s communication system can be downloaded on your cell phone or computer by using this link All correspondence will automatically appear on your computer screen or cell phone when you connect to the internet; i.e. newsletters, year programme, themes, photos and news flashes of upcoming events.

The Principal, Mrs Cecile Hattingh is available daily to discuss anything regarding your child. Please phone or make an appointment.

In the entrance hall, you will find filing drawers for each class. Please place all completed forms, notes and letters in these drawers for the class teachers. Money and cheques should be paid in at the office.

Extramural activities: Forms are available for activities in the entrance hall. A lockable post box per activity is available for payments. Please do not hand any monies for extra murals to the secretary. The school does not handle any money what so ever for these teachers. Unfortunately, the school cannot provide envelopes for these payments either. Payments are to be placed in the locked post boxes and not in the drawer where you collect the enrolment forms.

Separate drawers are available for speech and occupational therapy. Workbooks and forms can be placed in these individual drawers.

Aftercare Centre
This service is available till 17:30 on a daily basis. Children can be enrolled and fetched until 15:30 or 17:30.

No child may be collected after 17:30 as all staff leave then.
The school supplies a light lunch as well as refreshments at 15:30 and a sweet treat at 16:30.
Incidental aftercare fees are payable at the office (bring along the slip) or via an internet transfer (Reference: Name and Aftercare).
All children must be signed out in the aftercare file by the person who fetches him/her in the afternoon.

Hats (also available in the office) are compulsory during the summer months. Please dress your children in comfortable, everyday clothing and ensure that girls’ hair is neatly done. The children come to enjoy the day and therefore are NOT to be reprimanded for getting dirty. Children must wear comfortable shoes and are permitted to come to school barefoot in summer.

Teachers are not responsible for lost clothing that is not marked. Children must learn to take care of their own belongings. Clothes should please be marked. Teachers will see to it that marked articles be placed in the children’s lockers or bags.

The 2-3-year-old children must bring 2 sets of clothes as well as disposable nappies (where necessary) to school. Bigger children should bring an extra set of clothes to school daily.

Telephone calls
Any telephone calls to teachers may only be made between 10h45 and 11h30. No teacher will be able to take calls can be taken during class time. Messages may also be left with the secretary and the teacher will return the call at tea time. Please do not phone teachers on their cellphones which is disruptive to the class.

Immunisation, diseases and allergies
Children with a contagious disease must stay at home until fully recovered. Children who are not feeling well should be kept at home as teachers are not able to look after them during the school programme. If your child has an allergy, is diabetic or asthmatic, please bring this to the attention of the teacher personally. Please also keep the teacher informed regarding the child’s treatment. Medication for chronic diseases must be handed into the class teacher on the first school day. Should your emergency contact number change, please hand your new number in at the office immediately. Parents who do not have help at home must make alternative arrangements for sick children. Sick children may not be left with the teacher. This applies especially in cases where a child feels nauseous or has an infectious disease and has a fever. For children who have recovered sufficiently to attend school and who are still on medication, parents should personally hand the medicine clearly marked with the name and the dosage, to the teacher. No child may be dropped off at school with medicine in his/her bag.

Children may under no circumstances bring food, toys, jewellery, etc. to school. Children sometimes take toys from school home to play with. Please bring these items back to school and do not view this as stealing.

First school day
Please obtain a security disc (R60 each) from the office to allow gate entry.

Please take your child personally to his/her class. Please leave as soon as possible. Your child will be in good hands and experience has taught us that tears soon dry up once parents have left. He/she must bring a rucksack or small case with an extra set of clothes. No toys, drawing material or eats may be brought to school.

Special arrangements may be made with the class teacher to collect emotionally insecure children a little earlier during January. Classes will follow normal school hours until 13:30 for those children who have attended our school during the previous year or for new children who have settled easily.

Day Programme: 3-5-Year-Old

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Extramural Activities


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